This election is more important than any we have probably ever had in the history of our country.  For years the forces of darkness have been gathering and scheming and putting a plan in place because our country was dedicated to God at it’s foundation.  God watches over what is dedicated and consecrated to Him. So right now there is a war over this land that is two fold. 1- to destroy the people.  God’s heart is always about people. 2- to destroy what God has destined this nation to be.  The demonic is working overtime to bring to fruition their plan to take over America and to destroy the values of righteousness and godliness. As Christians, we need to pray for the continued exposure of darkness.  To continue to pray for the President to have the spiritual fortitude to do what needs to be done to bring America back into the foundation of where we started.

Even though our president has started out as a baby Christian he has certainly made  good strides towards God and I don’t know many baby Christians who could have withstood the absolute demonic onslaught that has come against him, his family, his business and everything he holds dear.  Rest assured that he has been terrorized by Satan and his demonic force every minute of every day he has been in office, not only the political awfulness that is in his face every day but also a spiritual pressure that probably would have bowed most to the ground.  But in the face of all those things, he continues to fight for America and for Christianity.  I don’t know many who would fight so selflessly for others in the face of all of that.

I believe he will win the election but I encourage all believers to pray between now and then for continued protection for him as well as that all weapons formed against him winning will not prosper.  Also, we need to begin praying that his 4 years will be prosperous in the sight of God.  That God’s plan and purposes will be fulfilled by him and the other government officials in place.  That God will move out the ones filled with evil and ungodliness.  And it isn’t too early to start praying for who will be filling Trump’s shoes in 4 years.  We need someone who will continue in his path towards America coming back to God’s plan, not someone who will work to destroy what has been done. Most of us don’t have political connections but we have prayer and we have our vote.  Someone said once about tithing, put in your 10% and God will put in his supernatural 90%.  I consider voting the same thing.  I put in my one vote towards God’s man and He puts in the supernatural.  But we all need to do both parts, pray AND vote!

Prayer: Father, I bring our country and our president before you.  I ask that you surround him and his family with your ministering angels to undergird him and protect him.  We declare that no weapon will prosper that is formed against Trump winning this election.  We ask that for your name’s sake-because we have dedicated out nation to you at the foundation-that you would uphold your people and your nation as we call out to you.  We declare that every official that operates out of the demonic kingdom be removed from office quickly and that you fill their positions with Godly men and women.  That even now your angels are moving them into position. We thank you that you are in control and we praise you! AMEN