Welcome to the first edition of the Plumbline Perspective blog.  We’ll delve into numerous topics as we go along.  We’ll touch on things that help us grow and things that clarify where we are spiritually and where we are going as the church. Today let’s talk about this upcoming year.  

2020 is such a dramatic year for the kingdom of God.  Changes and shifts are all around us.  You can almost feel them tangibly in the atmosphere around you. Not only is it a new decade but a new era for God’s kingdom.  It’s going to be a wonderful blessed year for the children of God.  It’s a time of reflection on the past decade to see how we have grown and where we didn’t quite hit the mark.  The last decade for most has been a trying and difficult one with much warfare and loss especially in the areas of relationships.  We need to open our heart and soul to our Healer Jesus.  There are places where we might have been in a season of busyness and couldn’t take the time for healing but now is the time. This season we are rapidly walking into will require us to be healed.  When we have hurts and wounds from the past it’s like fog in our soul which makes us unable to see and sense as well as we would if we were healed. Yes, it could be a painful process, but the results will be wonderful.

This decade will see us possessing our promised land.  Some diligence will be required on your part.  Just as when Joshua was crossing over the Jordan, they had to keep the ark of the covenant in front of them and had to keep their eyes on it as they went through the Jordan.  What does that mean for us?  Obviously keep your eyes on God, but even more than that, the Ark represented Gods presence as well as His Glory.   We need to focus in on relationship with Him.  Do the things that bring Him honor and Glory.  Magnify Him.  Declare His word in all that you do.  Whatever you are believing to possess, declare the word over it.  Dig out those old prophetic words you have put on a shelf and begin to praise Him that they have are coming to pass.  Agree with them! Agreement is powerful. 

One of the things we do in our house is my husband and I and our 2 teenage children, all bring our prayer request together and we pray over them as a family.  We come into agreement and believe with each other.  Not only does this bring in agreement but it also strengthens each other’s faith as God begins to answer prayers.  We pray at least a twice a month and sometimes more.  This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out prayer session.  Some family members aren’t at the same spiritual level.  We make it easy for everyone to participate and see God move.  He will!  He loves when families come together and seek Him.

God will be opening up biblical mysteries to us that haven’t been opened to us before or ones that have been long forgotten or buried by religious dogma.  What an exciting time to be in God’s kingdom!  Pray that God will use you in this next season in ways you haven’t seen before. 

WARNING!  This season will also continue to see relationship shifts.  This is everyone’s least favorite thing because our hearts and expectations are usually tied to people.  God is pruning away people in your life that will hold you back or harm you in this season.  Remember He prunes us because He loves us.  Sometimes our flesh or good intentions get us into relationships that we shouldn’t be in.  Once soul ties are formed it becomes difficult for us to walk away or put down boundaries.  God is always calling His children to walk higher in Him and sometimes that requires us to let Him un-tether us from people who have the potential to harm us emotionally or relationally. 

I believe that those walking in God’s kingdom purpose have had a spiritual sight upgrade.  What once wasn’t noticeable when we dealt with people, now becomes glaringly obvious that it isn’t healthy or good. Let’s be clear, we most of the time aren’t talking about just sinners or carnal people, we are talking about discerning the right from the almost right! I believe that God had to do that so that we would be able to let go of people when He began to prune.  Otherwise if we couldn’t see that the behavior for what it was then we wouldn’t want to let go no matter how they acted.  Be thankful for the upgrade He gave us!  It will become even more crucial in this decade to use this new discernment because I believe things will now be moving faster and we won’t have as much time to make these relationship decisions as before. Being able to see with this new relational discernment will help you in making relationship and putting down boundaries in others.

Buckle up!  We are just getting started!